Halloween is tomorrow and we can’t wait to see the incredible costumes that you’ve cooked up, so don’t forget to participate in our annual Green Halloween costume contest! And if you have little ones (or like looking at pics of cute little ones in green halloween costumes), check out the Inhabitots Green Halloween contest for kids >.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays of the year, and one of the best parts of Halloween is seeing people get creative and resourceful with their costumes. Anyone can buy a plastic / spandex costume at a drugstore, but not only is that boring and generic — it is the opposite of environmentally friendly. We encourage you all to get inspired and resourceful this year and go green with your Halloween costumes! This could mean cobbling together a great DIY idea from items you already have around your house, or picking up some old items at the local charity shop to create your costume.

Enter your Green Halloween costume today!

Inhabitots Green Halloween contest for kids >

Enter our costume contest below for a chance to win some a fabulous prizes, including an award-winning Solar Link flashlight/radio from Etón, hand-cranked lanterns and flashlights from Freeplay Energy, stylish Inhabitat T-shirts and bags, and of course all the fame and fortune that goes with having your winning photo published on Inhabitat.com!


To encourage all you Inhabitat readers to get creative and green this Halloween, we are excited to announce our annual GREEN HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST! We are looking for the funniest, the greenest, the most resourceful halloween costumes out there – so send your snapshots to editor at inhabitat dot com.


Winners will be announced on November 1st


Our grand prize winner will receive an incredible FR500 SolarLink radio from Etón. This multitasking uber-gadget recently won a best-of-the-best Red Dot award for product design in 2008. It features a crank and solar-powered AM/FM/Shortwave Radio, flashlight, siren, and cell phone charger, making it the perfect accompaniment to late-night halloween trick or treating.

Our second place winner will win a fantastic crank-charged Freeplay ML-1 Lantern, and our third place winner will receive a Freeplay Kito LED Flashlight. Both feature ultra-bright LEDs and handy cranks that will provide an hour of light for every minute of cranking. In addition, all of our winners and two runners-up will receive their choice of an Inhabitat T-shirt or tote bag (value $40).


1. You need to be a registered Inhabitat reader to be eligible for a prize. If you haven’t registered for our newsletter yet, REGISTER HERE >
2. submit up to 5 photos of a single costume – email to editor at inhabitat dot com
3. PHOTOS MUST BE SIZED TO 537 pixels wide, 72 dpi, and under 100K – for publication on the web
4. we will not download gigantic photographs
5. store-bought costumes will not be considered
6. sexy costumes for the ladies involving cat/mouse/bunny ears or devil horns will also not be considered – people you are better than this!
7. by sending us your photos you agree that you are allowing us to publish your photos online
8. if you are dressing up your kids, and you want to win cute kids’ schwag instead of hand-crank lanterns, considering entering your kids costumes in the kid-oriented INHABITOTS HALLOWEEN CONTEST >

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ALTERNATE SUBMISSION – Jack-O-Lantern Contest!
You can also enter this competition with a picture of your jack-o-lantern, if you happen to have carved an awesome jack-o-lantern that has some sort of Inhabitat related theme. That could be a tree, an owl, a planet-earth, an Inhabitat logo, etc etc.. See this lovely Habby Jack-o-Lantern as an example. This fabulous specimen was carved by our favorite Inhabitat sister, Molly Pilloton, and we love you for it Molly! Same rules for photo sizing apply…


Pilloton Sisters, Emily Pilloton, Maggie Pilloton, Pilloton Sisters, Green Halloween Costumes, Eco Halloween costumes, Inhabitat Green Halloween Costume ContestPilloton sisters modeling very creative Halloween costumes – see if you can guess what they are!

LEED green building fairiesLAST YEARS WINNERS: A group of ‘Green Building fairies’ complete with green roofs on top