The saga of Climategate continues — dun dun dun. The story started back in November when a group of Scientists at University of East Anglia in the UK were accused of attempting to fudge data in order to quell the words of global warming disbelievers. We reported a couple of weeks ago that a governmental panel in the UK acquitted the scientists of wrongdoing. Now in the third installment of this tale an independent panel of scientists has declared the University of East Anglia’s scientific research sound and completely unskewed.

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The whole thing started with a classic e-mail leak. Scientist chatting with scientists about how to quell the rising tide of global warming dissenters. Personal e-mails of Professor Phil Jones and his colleagues at UAE were sent around the internet and the whole thing blew up.

It has now seemingly been shut down. With the first investigation the scientists’ names were cleared. Now their science has been thoroughly examined and as the independent panel said, “There was no hint of tailoring results to a particular agenda.” Official score — Professor Jones 2, climate dissenters 0.

Via The New York Times