Bad news for those chomping at the bit to dig into some Anthony Bourdain-approved grub at his much-anticipated renovated Pier 57 food market. It looks like the popular chef’s massive new venture, which was originally slated to open in 2017, has been pushed back to 2019. According to Curbed, the streetfood-style market, which is part of Youngwoo & Associates‘ larger 560,000-square-foot SuperPier redevelopment project, still has a lot of red tape to clear before it can launch.

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New York foodies were ecstatic when Bourdain announced that he would be launching a culinary space inside the Pier 57 redevelopment. At 155,000 square feet, the Bourdain Market would be the largest food market in NYC, featuring over 100 food vendors from around the world. Along with international fishmongers, butchers and bakers, the space will also have space for at least one full-service restaurant.

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The $350-million rehabilitation project at Hudson River Park Pier 57 is a gargantuan undertaking that, once completed, will include the Bourdain Market as well as Google’s newest Manhattan offices. In addition to the search engine’s sure-to-be swanky new office space, the complex will also include 34,000 square feet of public space around the pier, an 80,000-square-foot rooftop park, and 21,000 square feet of waterfront esplanade north and south of the pier.

We guess good things come to those who wait.

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