St. Louis is about to receive its first shipping container structure, a three-story mixed-use building that will be built using 10 shipping containers. Designed by Architect Anthony Duncan for Patrick Barnidge’s development firm, Delsa Development, the new building will be built on a city-owned lot in the Grove area of Forest Park Southeast. It will be erected on the site of a once-condemned single-family home, and the project is quickly gaining favor in the neighborhood.

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The first floor of the three-story building will be made of four shipping containers, and it will be used for retail space. The second and third stories will consist of office space and a residential apartment. The simple design involves cantilevering the second and third stories over the first floor in order to create a covered entry plaza for the retail space. This design will create a very interesting reinterpretation of architectural row-house style that exists throughout the neighborhood.

Though the Forest Park Southeast Development Committee has gathered support for the project, the development team still must acquire the property. If everything goes according to plan, construction could begin later this year.

+ Anthony Duncan

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