The Antillean Gothic is a concept house by Amonle Studio Workshop that proposes a green and tropical way of life rooted in Caribbean style architecture. The new home is an eco concept that finds its origins in the design and arrangement of the ‘shotgun house’ common to the Caribbean and Southern USA. The studio’s new take on the classic program sets 4 standards at the core of its a plan: it will be constructed from bamboo and renewable materials, it can be easily constructed by community members where it is placed; it will be disaster-proof (earthquakes, hurricanes and floods); and it will and maximize natural light, ventilation and clean water. The home also features 55-gallon drums as an ‘oversize’ gutter to collect water for washing, cleaning and irrigation, as well as a vertical axis wind turbine able to generate 7,500 kWh per year.

+ Amonle Studio Workshop

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