Looking for a statement jewelry piece that will goes easy on the environment? These rings made from repurposed silverwear are great green accessories that draw attention to both your sustainable lifestyle and your great fashion sense. Each of these spoon rings and fork bracelets has been individually designed, crafted, and polished into unique jewelry by artist John Marchello.

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The Ann Arbor-based jeweler specializes in transforming ordinary silverware into the remarkable creations pictured here. Each original design is carefully handcrafted from assorted silver-plated and sterling silver cutlery without damage to the polished exterior, and all his work is cut, curved, soldered, and shined with the highest attention to quality for a truly elegant, finished piece of jewelry.

Check him out on Etsy at MarchelloArt. Any piece can be sized or adjusted for the perfect fit, and he’ll even complete special requests or create custom designs from your own silverware!

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