Although it’s not particularly known for its autos, Hungary is taking a stab at the electric vehicle market with a futuristic new solar-electric car. Founded by auto enthusiasts and backed by local investors, the Hungarian company Antro, is working on a prototype for a modular car that is capable of splitting into two separate vehicles. With solar panels on the roof, the three passenger Antro Solo can run up to 20 km per day on solar energy alone.

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The most exciting part about Antro’s new solar vehicle is that the company plans to make it modular, meaning you could hook two up together to create a six passenger car — the Antro Duos. Conversely, you would be able to split one car apart to form two smaller vehicles. It’s not totally clear how this would work from the renders, but in theory it seems pretty practical. One car per family, so a couple could split up and go separate ways if they needed to.

The Antro Solo has some sweet pivoting doors, a center driver’s seat, a super sleek design, a hybrid drive and a roof laden with solar panels. A full charge from the photovoltaics would get you 20 km a day running at city speeds. So far 1.5 million euros have been invested into the research, development and prototype.

Via Wired