The ALEC exodus keeps on gaining momentum and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. The most recent company to jump ship is internet giant AOL, which announced on Monday that it had decided not to renew its membership with the council. The company didn’t give any reason for leaving, but they are another in a rapidly growing list of  companies who have been eager to disassociate their brand from the controversial group, which has been called out for its seriously questionable viewpoints on climate change and gun control.

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ALEC, which stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council, is a nonprofit organization that drafts state-level legislation for representatives to use when making laws. Recently, it has been under fire from groups who have criticized the council for its opposition to environmental regulation. In the past, the council has also been under scrutiny for its stance on gun control in the United States.

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This September, Google, Yahoo, Occidental Petroleum and Yelp! all announced plans to leave ALEC and Facebook has said that is also likely to leave as well. Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt explained his company’s decision, saying that ALEC was “literally lying” about climate change. ALEC critics have celebrated AOL’s decision, though detractors continue to push Expedia and eBay, two high-profile tech companies that are still with ALEC, in hopes that they will soon follow suit.

Via The National Journal

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