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The Billboard House has a trailer base that sits in between the sides of a trivision billboard. The facade is kinetic and illuminated with LED lights such that more than one brand can be advertised with one funky home. The first floor has a home theater, a bathroom, a pantry, and a terrace. Slightly more private, the second floor is comprised of a bedroom and storage space, and each level is connected by stairs.

Upstairs are solar cells that generate electricity for the home, and the handrails are populated with hydroponic plants that provide food! This is such a brilliant concept in a city like Bangkok that is filled to the gills with people, especially since it creates a way for the owner of the billboard home to solicit a bit of extra cash from advertisers who are tired of spending a fortune on advertising space. Apostrophy’s is making a real splash with bold designs such as these colorful floating lotus structures in Thailand. We absolutely love their work!

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images via Ketsiree Wongwan, Prayoon Tesprateep, Rath Roongrueangtantisook, and Sirichai Leangvisutsiri from Apostrophy’s

Via Arch Daily