Apple has faced a lot criticism for failing to monitor its manufacturing partners’ questionable work safety standards, but it looks like the company is trying to turn a new leaf. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced that the iPad and iPhone designer is opening a new manufacturing plant in Mesa, Arizona that will be entirely powered with renewable energy.

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It’s fitting that the new plant’s build site used to belong to a solar panel manufacturer. Apple is working in conjunction with GT Advanced Technologies, a mineral crystal specialist in global solar power and LEDs, to build the $578 million facility. The project is expected to provide 1,300 construction and associated jobs, and when it’s complete there could be 700 new manufacturing jobs within in first year.

A string of companies is bringing electronics manufacturing back to the United States. Google also decided to open a Moto X factory in Austin, Texas. This trend not only reduces the amount of fuel burned on international travel, but stricter manufacturing standards ensure greater environmental and safety standards that make your electronic just a little bit greener.

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