The folks at Apple recently debuted their latest line of sleek notebooks, and we were excited to hear that they’re the greenest Macs ever! They’ve removed many of the harmful toxins found in computers including mercury, arsenic and PVC and made the remaining parts nearly all recyclable. The software has also been redesigned to run on 30% less power than previous models, earning them Energy Star certification. And finally, Apple cut out nearly half of the bulky packaging to streamline their distribution and create less trash to bring home.

For the new screen, Apple has switched from displays with CCFL backlighting to LED-lit displays eliminating mercury and arsenic and requiring less energy to run. The new macs also incorporate automatic energy saving devices including hard drives that spin down and a display screen that dims when you enter a dark room. Their reduced packaging size allows for 25% more boxes to fit on a shipping pallet, meaning fewer trips and fewer emissions. Apple is taking many of these design ideals and applying them to their full range of products, including the iPod and iPhone G3.

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