Like Greenpeace, we’ve been on Apple’s case for awhile now in regards to the sustainability issue. We just don’t understand how it is that a company that has been so groundbreaking in terms of product design, could lag so behind the curve in terms of sustainable design. And of course, just like a nagging parent, we are only hard on Apple because we love them and want to see them do better (as you might suspect, the whole Inhabitat team uses Macs, and we’d all love to be able to find greener, more energy efficient Macs to support our blogging habits). Well, we are happy to say that Apple finally seems to be going in the right direction, and has wowed us today with the launch of their stunning new laptop, the MacBook Air.

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This gorgeous new laptop is EPEAT Silver certified and the greenest Mac Laptop to date, with the following features:

* it has a fully recyclable aluminum case
* it’s Apple’s first LCD display that is mercury-free, with arsenic-free glass
* the circuit boards are BFR-free and PVC-free
* 50 percent less packaging than the previous MacBooks
* Meets ENERGY STAR requirements
* EPEAT Silver Rating

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The super thin and light laptop also means that it’s easier to lug around than its predecessors, and certainly a lot easier to ship (cutting down carbon emissions in the shipping process).

Yes, it’s not the greenest computer ever, but its certainly the greenest Apple ever, and we like to encourage progress in the right direction, especially when its accompanied by beautiful product design. Since Apple is such an innovation driver and so massively influential in terms of consumer culture, we think that these baby steps are extremely significant, as they will likely influence many imitator companies to think about their green design strategy as well. So kudos to Apple! We look forward to seeing these in the flesh.

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