Apple dove headfirst into this year’s Earth Day celebrations, from changing the color of its logo’s leaf section to the revamp of its Environmental Responsibility website. Although some may chalk up Apple’s push for green as a calculated corporate move, there’s no denying that the Earth is better off with Apple on its side. Not only will these initiatives reduce the toxins found in the electronics industry, but the efforts of the influential Cupertino behemoth could also inspire similar efforts by major companies all across the world.

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As expected, Apple highlighted their upcoming spaceship headquarters with a brand new video that details its various green initiatives. Slated for completion in 2016, the 126-acre forward-thinking campus will be 100 percent powered by renewable energy and have a bike sharing system, biofuel buses, and a host of other features to offset its environmental impact. Its earth-friendly campus is promoted alongside its other green investments, such as the use of 100 percent renewable energy for its data centers and solar farm projects.

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Using their characteristically beautiful and user-friendly layout, Apple’s Environmental Responsibility website breaks down its major challenges and progress into four sections: Climate Change, Toxins, Finite Resources, and Our Progress. Attractive infographics and large crisp images make the glimpse into Apple’s green efforts a visually sumptuous experience. And if the company can continue to make going green look as sexy as it does, other companies will be quick follow suit.

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