Apple has announced the next phase of their plans to protect the world’s environment. The iPhone maker is partnering with the World Wildlife Fund in China to create sustainable forests from which the company will source wood to become product packaging. This is similar to the efforts Apple has begun in the United States, with the recent purchase of 36,000 acres of forest land in Maine and North Carolina. By taking control of the source of raw materials, Apple hopes to keep a handle on carbon emissions throughout the manufacturing process.

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WWF China announced the partnership in a press release which states that the purpose is “to reduce China’s ecological footprint by helping produce more wood from responsibly managed forests within its own borders.” Also in the announcement, Apple promises even more sustainable projects in China in the future, but didn’t elaborate on what those might entail.

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With China moving into position as Apple’s second-largest market worldwide, we understand why the tech company would want to stake a claim in China’s environmental future and protect future income from the region. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook points to Apple’s previous efforts as the first steps in a longer process toward greening the process of manufacturing and selling high-tech gadgets. “We’ve set an example by greening our data centers, retail stores and corporate offices,” he said in the press release. “We’re ready to start leading the way toward reducing carbon emissions from manufacturing.” He admits it won’t happen overnight, but every little step in the right direction is exactly that.

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