The US Patent and Trademark Office just granted the latest batch of Apple’s patents, and as usual, none of us has any idea which of them will go anywhere. But one of them—#8,855,727, to be precise—is rather interesting (if not entirely original). It suggests the possibility of a flexible, double-sided display that would serve as a “digital periodical.”

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This isn’t the first flexible—presumably OLED—display that Apple has patented; not long ago they put forward a design for a flexible phone display (no, not the iPhone 6), and for a moment, rumors of an OLED display iWatch were abound.

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The flexible “digital periodical” can display data sent to it from a mobile phone, in order to create a more conventional user experience for those reading magazines and newspapers—media which have increasingly moved online. In the patent, Apple explains: “Although the availability of multimedia information is ubiquitous, proper viewing, display, and delivery of information for an enjoyable user experience is still lacking… This is especially the case for viewing periodicals such as online magazines or news content on a mobile device where a large display is desirable.”

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