Apple has decided to open its recycling program to a wider electronics world and will now be accepting old PCs, iPods and iPhones for free. They used to charge PC owners $30 to take their old computers – unless they bought a new Mac, in which case they’d recycle the old one for free as a thank you. Now there’s no need to hop onto the Mac wagon or shell out dough – your PC will be accepted and responsibly recycled, no questions asked. In the newly reconstructed program you can also get a gift certificate if your old device is still worth something, and most recycled iPods will score you 10% off a new one.

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Once you hand your old gadgets over to Apple they’ll be delivered to PowerON, a company that specializes in the reuse and resale of old electronics. If PowerON deems your gadget unworthy of the market, they’ll send it along to an Apple contracted recycling company that will make sure that its parts will be reused to build the new gadgets of the future.

Apple’s new recycling program is not only kinder to the earth but will probably help them lure PC owners to their side of the electronics world. Under the Apple recycling program, if your old electronics are in good enough shape to be reused, Apple will send you a gift card for a part of their reuse value. You can take your electronics to a participating Apple store to have them recycled properly or you can go to Apple’s website and fill out their form to receive a pre-paid shipping label.

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