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Not surprisingly, Foster & Partners’ design for Apple’s new campus is exciting and bold but pricey. It will consist of a 260,000 m2 office building that will house up to 13,000 employees, a corporate auditorium fit for roughly 1,000 people, a corporate fitness facility, and a 28,000 m2 research and development park.

Special glass will have to be developed for the circular design, which also facilitates natural ventilation, while energy self-suffiency will be achieved by an on-campus power plant. Although we’re guessing Apple will go alternative, the details of how the company plans to generate its power have yet to be revealed. Work-weary employees will be able to rest in all kinds of carbon-absorbing, uplifting green respites throughout the campus which, reportedly, has already received the go-ahead from California’s Cupertino municipality. Apple fans should prepare for takeoff around 2015!

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images via Foster + Partners, ARUP, Kier & Wright, Apple