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Apple just announced new details regarding its plans to produce its next line of Macs stateside. In a Senate hearing last week, Chief Exec Tim Cook said that Apple has invested $100 million to build a new Mac factory deep in the heart of Texas. The announcement signals the fulfillment of Apple’s promise to the US government to build at least one line of Macs on American shores by the end of this year.

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Apple’s move to make a line of computers in the United States is not simply an act of good will and support for the US economy—far from it. The Senate hearing in which Cook announced the new Texas production facility was part of an investigation accusing Apple of producing products in other countries in order to dodge billions of dollars in hefty taxes. Cook reported to the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations to explain Apple’s accused “loopholes” on not declaring tax residency in any country.

To help alleviate these accusations, Apple vowed to have some production rooted in the United States. The manufacturer hasn’t disclosed which computer will be Made in the USA, but only that Texas will be the site of the assembly plant, possibly in conjunction with Foxconn, a longtime manufacturing partner of Apple.

Cook also disclosed that other parts of the Made in the USA Mac line would be produced at facilities in Kentucky and Michigan, before being sent to the new Texas plant to be assembled and packaged.

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