Apple is taking an enormous bite out of the driverless car market with a brand new electric vehicle that doubles as a tiny house. The company announced the iHouse will come with a staggering 350-mile range and new patented technology that turns the car into a mobile home complete with a bed, bathroom, kitchen and even a pizza oven using a simple voice command.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook told reporters the company has been finessing the design for many years. “We wanted to create something that would disrupt multiple industries at once,” he said. “And the iHouse does just that. What used to be a four-wheel machine that transported people from point A to point B has now become a house that can drive itself down the road. It’s incredible.”

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In addition to surround sound that will pump out Apple Music (the car comes with a free membership), all of the iHouse’s major surfaces can be turned into a screen – the fridge, the counter, the headrests – you name it. This self-driving mini home acts like a giant iPhone, making it impossible to escape your Facebook friends for even a second.

Critics cite concerns about the well-being of actual drivers sharing the road with the iHouse. “I think it’s a cool design, but I’m concerned about the safety of real drivers,” said frequent Apple consumer Jenny Broke. “I mean, it might be kind of distracting to see a driverless house go down the road with a naked person singing in the shower. I don’t know – maybe I’m being too critical.”

Apple’s latest product was unveiled today, April 1.

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