Just a few years back, in 2011, Greenpeace named Apple as the “least clean” tech company, chastising the iPhone maker in particular for their coal-fueled data centers. Since then, Apple has made great strides (and hefty investments) to become completely powered by renewable energy. On top of that, Apple has been going greener in every phase of its operations as well as investing in green energy projects that benefit the greater public. Those efforts have prompted Greenpeace to name Apple as the greenest tech company in the world in 2015. The rating comes out of Greenpeace’s updated 2015 Click Clean Report, in which tech companies are measured for clean energy usage, transparency regarding energy sources, renewable energy, and other factors. Apple earned a 100 percent Clean Energy Index from Greenpeace in its overall Company Scorecard. Facebook and Google rounded out the top three, with 49 percent and 46 percent respectively.

+ Greenpeace’s 2015 Click Clean Report

Image via Shutterstock and Greenpeace