from some of Apple’s lower-level employees reveal that the company may launch asmart iWatch as soon as the fourth quarter of this year. Speculation abounds as to the device’s features, but sources point to a curved display, wireless charging, and biometric sensors that would monitor the wearer’s heart rate and other vital signs.

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iWatch concept by Todd Hamilton

Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple for three years, but there’s very little information on the man. Apple’s lower-level employees mentioned that the famously secretive CEO is less hand-on than Jobs and has been overseeing the development of the new iWatch through delegation instead of being personally involved in product engineering like his predecessor.

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The rumored iWatch will be able tomonitor heart rate and other vital measures and could help improve your health and limit doctor visits. Other sources claim that the device will be able to sync fitness data with the new Health app in Ios 8 and will possibly have a curved OLED display and support wireless charging. According to some of his employees, Cook is particularly interested in the smartwatch’s broader implications such its role in medicine.

Via Gizmodo, Discovery News

Lead Image: iWatch concept by DesignerEI