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Unlike the previous AS-1 model, the AS-2 can seat two, meaning you can bring a buddy along with you on your adventures. Once you’re sitting on the scooter, you lower a yellow, Darth Vader-esque helmet over your head, which lets you have a 99% distortion free view of the water around you. Once submerged, you have up to 70 minutes of oxygen.

Able to travel at speeds up to 3.1mph, the AS-2 isn’t the zippiest, but honestly, who would want to zoom underwater at 30mph with goodness knows what going on around you? The scooter runs on a rechargeable battery, which can last up to 2.5 hours. The AS-2 is lighter and faster than its predecessor, and can dive to a maximum depth of up to 12 meters.

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Via PhysOrg