Trevor O'Neil, Arbor Lux, Chicago, tree, tree sap, eco-friendly resin, green lighting
Photos © Trevor O’Neil

O’Neil makes every effort to create work that is as sustainable and responsible as possible. He enjoys turning his client’s household scraps into useful and unique pieces of furniture, lighting or art, saving both on transportation and resources. For Arbor Lux, he created a woodland installation for a client that desired a small, “interior balcony” that would overlook the Chicago River.

Serving a double function, the branches help support the platform were they extrude and provide ambient light for the interior space. Arbor Lux uses only branches that had to be cut down because they were dying or because they extended into an area where they were unwanted. However, the most notable parts of the design are the lighting fixtures which were molded from an eco-friendly resin derived from the tree itself.

+ Trevor O’Neil

Photos by Trevor O’Neil