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The front of House Gazebo features large sliding doors that not only provide a view of the expansive landscape, but also keep the house cool through a cross-ventilation system. Down a gradual slope a swimming pool offers an alternative way to stay cool in the summer heat.

Inside the house there are open skylights that contribute to cross-ventilation, while allowing communication from the house to the deck above at the same time. A ladder at the back of the living room, which sits in a small gravelled area that can be left open to the elements, provides access to the rooftop. All other elements within the house are extremely modern and contrast with the sparse, organic nature of the surrounding area.

The vegetated rooftop blends seamlessly into the mountainside, provides easy access to the slope, which the inhabitants can climb to gain a view across the other side of mountain, and resists about 20 cm of vegetation on deck.

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Images by Lorena Darquea