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Arcgency’s WFH House uses three recycled shipping containers as structural supports. The containers are lined with insulation, which is covered with bamboo, effectively concealing the rough-hewn corrugated metal of the storage containers.  The home’s central space is an open living room that is filled with natural light thanks to an array of skylights. The second floor shipping container unit houses the kid’s bedroom, where a giant glass curtain overlooks the living area below.

Arcgency incorporated other prefab building elements into the WFH House to create a beautifully finished home. The roof is lined with solar cells as well as lush greenery that provides insulation and filters rainwater, and the façade is covered with sustainable bamboo.

The WFH House can be built easily and cost-effectively, and it’s capable of adapting to areas prone to earthquakes or extreme heat, making it a flexible option for modular living.

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Via ArchDaily