We’re blushing a bit this week from some welcome blog world praise. Arch Daily recently compiled Yet Another Most Popular Blog Ranking (YAMoPo 2008) and, with complex calculations involving things like traffic and Google page rank, decided that Inhabitat is number one in both the Architecture & Related website category, as well as overall popularity (Architecture Only and Architecture & Related).

What this all boils down to is you, our readers. We are number one because you’re reading this post and contributing to Inhabitat with comments, tips, suggestions and by just being part of our online community. So, it is with much gratitude that we say many thanks to our readers. And, big thanks to Arch Daily for keeping us all in the online design loop.

The ranking is actually the start of some more great posts over at Arch Daily about the online architecture publications that made the YAMoPo 2008 list. Among them are some of our favorite websites, like Archinect, Mocoloco, Dezeen, NotCot, BldgBlog and many more. Over the next few weeks, Arch Daily will be taking a look at what makes these and other websites tick, and how the online architecture world is ever-expanding, so be sure to check in at Arch Daily for more.

Thanks to Arch Daily and thanks to our readers for making Inhabitat #1!

+ YAMoPo 2008: Yet Another Most Popular Architecture Sites Ranking