The funky future beach bum getaway of your dreams is here with the Archinoma transformable modular architectural system. A pod building system, based on the geometry of the stellated octahedron, is made up of low impact rigs which can stand up for months against the elements. Creating mod spaces to throw parties, run a spa or low impact café, or just for the hell of it the Archinome system has a host of unique designs.

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Ok, put on your geometry hat– based on what they call the shelest joint, a metal frame that has multiple connetion points that form triangles the units make full use of the lightweight construction Sierpinski triangle affords. Design inspiration came from the stellated octahedron which is a three dimension object based on connecting triangle planes. The pods, such as the Y-bio colony is a tricked outelaboration of the geometric retro architecture. Panels, both translucent and solid make up the walls and a stretched skin elaborates the shelter. The structures sit on a frame setting them off the ground. Now you can relax.

The Y-bio “chillout colony” sports a tea room, massage and multi level pyramid with an inhalation spa and plenty of places to kick back. While it’s the dead of winter for many of us, it’s never too early to plan for the future, especially if it includes a chillout colony.

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