Many of us dream of one day designing and building our own house – and with economic issues ravaging many countries around the globe and ensuing mortgage crises, it’s not surprising that the self-build is becoming a more appealing option. Dubious about getting a mortgage in Ireland, architect Dominic Stevens decided a wooden self-build was the way forward. Armed with a simple design, a few friends, and around $33,000 (€25,613), Stevens started putting together his simple home over a single holiday weekend in his native Ireland. This 3-bedroom self-build project is now a reality just 100 miles from Dublin in County Leitrim, where the timber framehouse blends into the surrounding landscape.

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Stevens first started working on the project following his divorce a few years ago. Without the means to get on the housing ladder, he was looking for a way he could be within walking distance of his children. The answer was this cabin-like construction. Sustainably designed, the building comes with a lightweight roof and Onduline walls made from plants. The house appears surprisingly spacious, complete with three bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, and living room, cleverly making the most of the humble floor space available.

From the outside, the construction looks simple and efficient, echoing the country’s traditional heritage of self-building. As it is small it should be pretty easy to heat so helps with energy saving, and it looks like a cosy space to spend a wet Irish winter. All said, we wouldn’t mind one of our own.

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Images courtesy of Dominic Stevens

Via The Guardian