Jakon + MacFarlane Euronews Headquarters

The eye-catching building with its vibrant green aluminum skin holds court over the river’s Rambaud Quay. The large cavities that are burrowed into the building’s exterior act as large light and air ventilation shafts, running into the heart of the building and up to the roof.

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The French architectural firm collaborated with French artist Fabrice Hyber on the project. Hyber explains how he left his signature style on the 10,000 square meter office, “These are waves, like sound waves or diffusions. But also like those of water, or flux,” said the artist. “Since 1986, green has been my colour of communication. I thought that our two universes, that of Jakob + MacFarlane and mine, could meet – our waves crossing each other.”

The new Euronews headquarters joins an elite architectural roster in the area, including the Musée des Confluences and Jakon + MacFarlane’s Orange Cube.

+ Jakon + MacFarlane

Via Dezeen

Photography by Nicolas Borel