Although São Paulo is known as a bustling metropolis, a local architectural firm, Lucia Manzano Arquitetura, is doing its part to add more green to the concrete and glass cityscape. The Lorena is a residential building in the heart of the city that is designed to integrate architecture and landscape. It infuses an abundance of vegetation throughout from its ground floor garden, which was planted with native shrubs and trees to attract local fauna, to the massive balconies covered in hanging greenery, and of course, a lush green roof.

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balconies covered in plants

Sitting in the middle of São Paulo, the 28,000-square-foot Lorena building holds court in a quiet area, standing out significantly from its concrete neighbors thanks to the massive amount of vegetation that hangs from each of its outdoor terraces and rooftop gardens. According to the architects, the inspiration for the design was to create a strong relationship between landscape and architecture. To do so, the building was covered in layers of vibrant plants.

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multi-story building covered in plants

room with glass walls overlooking lush gardens

The concrete building is four stories, comprised of several 5,543-square-foot duplex units. The common areas, the ground floor and the rooftop were conceived as private gardens for the residents. On the ground floor, the landscaping includes native vegetation, such as local species from the Atlantic Forest as well as fruit and native trees, chosen to attract local birds and insects. This space also has an extended splash pool to create a soothing oasis where the residents can relax.

outdoor space with tiled flooring surrounded by greenery and a reflecting pond

greenery surrounding a pool

At the top of the building, residents can also enjoy a beautiful green roof. Equipped with large trees, shrubs and flowers, there are also plenty of lounge chairs to take in the stunning views of the city.

interior empty room with glass walls and light wood floors

image of a cityscape behind rooftop garden and patio

When they are not strolling along the pool or taking in the rooftop vistas, residents have their own private escape at home. Each duplex has four bedrooms, each with its own private balcony that pulls double-duty as flowerbeds. The living space in each unit opens up to a balcony, merging the interior with the exterior. As well as creating the sense of being surrounded by a garden, the abundance of plant life also provides the residences with plenty of privacy.

+ Lucia Manzano Arquitetura 

Via Archdaily

Photography by Evelyn Müller via Lucia Manzano Arquitetura