Architizer, one of the most popular architecture and design blogs on the web, has re-invented itself with an exciting new platform designed to empower design professionals. The new site collates even more detailed information about each uploaded project, right down to the products used, allowing architects and designers to make the most informed decisions about the materials and technology they incorporate into their own work.

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Marc Kushner, a founding member of Architizer, calls the new platform a 21st century catalog that makes it easier for architects to source the products necessary to build better buildings.

“Thanks to sites like Yelp, today’s architects and designers know more about the $5 sandwich they eat for lunch than they do about the million-dollar window systems they specify for their designs,” says Kushner. “By harnessing the industry’s shared knowledge Architizer becomes a recommendation engine at the scale of skyscrapers and multi-million-dollar libraries.”

Every uploaded project image, which comprises the core of this new platform, is tagged extensively to facilitate easy searches for new materials. It is also possible to collect a portfolio of products for use in design presentations, and an online forum allows for extended discussion between professionals.

“Architects chose more than $200 billion worth of products a year in the United States alone,” Kushner said in a recent press release. “Knowing what products their colleagues have used, and what they thought of them, empowers architects to make more informed choices, revolutionizing how they do their work.”

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