Often when products claim to be made from recycled materials, companies are only talking about the bulk of the item. When it comes to Groundtruth’s RIKR recycled backpack, every single component is 100% recycled, from the main body to the padding, buckles, binding, webbing, zippers, hardware and even the thread that binds it all together. Most of the backpack, such as the outer shell, side panels and webbing, is made from recycled PET bottles, but the rest comes from recycled textiles like nylon, fleece and felt.

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Groundtruth was founded in 2017 by a team of three sisters who brought their documentary filmmaking talents and technical fabrics specialties together to create a progressive line of sustainable travel products. Each item is field-tested by real experts right in the environment it was designed for, and the RIKR is no exception; polar explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan took the backpack on a journey through Norway and Antarctica to test the water-repellency, stain-resistance, durability and comfort.

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“If recycled plastic bottles can be made into some thing that can survive these conditions — no one can ever doubt the durability of GROUNDTRUTH,” said Swan, who was the first person to walk to both the North and South Poles unsupported.

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The company prides itself on design innovation and creating products that directly remove plastic waste from the environment. All products, including the RIKR recycled backpack, are made from 100% recycled materials and by Bluesign-approved manufacturers to ensure responsible and sustainable working conditions. Additionally, the company offsets its entire carbon footprint.

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Priced at $382, the high-performance RIKR Backpack boasts modular compartments, multiple pockets, a separate laptop compartment, side access and a trolley sleeve, making it airport security-friendly and adaptable. Each backpack comes packaged in a completely biodegradable cassava bag and removes 120 plastic bottles from the environment, according to Groundtruth. Every purchase is carbon-neutral thanks to the company’s offset program, but buyers can choose to go even further by opting to go carbon-negative at checkout.

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