Rumors are flying around that WiTricity might be in the know about Apple’s plans to put out a desktop that wirelessly charges itself and your other gadgets. In the video after the jump, WiTricity explains the technology by demonstrating how they would build a wireless charging port that can charge a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and an iPad simultaneously right into an iMac. This could revolutionize the electronics world by doing away with the cables and chords that come with most gadgets. Think about all of the wires you’ve received during your technological life, and all of the resources that would be saved if you never got one ever again.

Apple has been researching this technology on its own, so it seems like more than a coincidence that wireless charging technology leader WiTricity just released this video. If it sounds familiar to you, the name WiTricity probably rings a bell as the company that is also bringing wireless charging for electric vehicles to the market.

Mac Rumors reported that Apple was looking into technology that would charge your wireless gadgets if they were in one meter of your desktop computer, which is exactly the distance that WiTricity notes in their video above. In addition to their gadget and vehicle charging, WiTricity also recently announced that it’s developed wireless LED lights that could soon take away the need for an electrician when hanging your next chandelier.