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Moestue built the trike over a six-month period last year. He welded together several bicycle frames to support the dinosaur’s body. He then used a kitchen knife to carve the reptile out of pieces of styrofoam to resemble a Triassic-era Coelophysis and painted it. He documented the building process on his blog, and also charted a road trip he took with the trike. From the images it is clear that the dinosaur-sykkel attracted considerable attention wherever he went. It also looks as though it doesn’t handle steep inclines too well and it broke down once, but you can’t have it all, I guess!

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The 32-year-old sculptor has previously made works out of bicycle parts and clearly has a sense of humor, so the dinosaur-sykkel seems a natural extension of his past work. Moestue also explores environmental issues through his practice and on his blog describes the road trip as a “protest against the dogmatic religious education of children.” Clarifying this for DesignBoom, he stated he built the dinosaur-sykkel “for a trip across the bible belt in Norway. It was a protest against the dogmatic religious education of children, and the idea originated from the theme-parks of creationists that teach children that humans and dinosaurs used to live together.”

Norwegian site VG is now reporting that Moestue has put the artwork up for sale, with some substantial bids coming in. Moestue told VG that it was not the highest bidder that was important to him, but that the person who buys it does something interesting with it. Earl Solberg of the Norwegian Greens confirmed his party had expressed an interest in the trike, saying, “We will use the bike to show that we want to replace the old dinosaurs in Norwegian local politics.”

Via Geekologie and DesignBoom

Photos via Markus Moestue