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Arganzuela Footbridge, Dominique Perrault, pedestrian bridge, madrid, parque de arganzuela,
Image © DPA / adagp

The Arganzuela Park was created after two embankment roads along the river were removed. The footbridge was designed to connect the left bank with the right bank of the river.

Designed as two conical shapes, the two halves of the bridges meet on the east side of the river at a small hill, also the high point of the bridge. The steel bridge appears to float midair, but is supported by two pillars on each end. Footings for the bridge are buried beneath new parkland and visitors can access the new park and trails at various locations — one of which is in the very middle of the bridge.

The pedestrian bridge is over 250 meters long and expands from 5 to 12 meters in diameter from the edges to the center of the bridge. Metal screens spiraling around the exterior provides shade for pedestrians inside, but still encourages natural ventilation, daylighting and for rain to fall onto the park below. Wooden slats from the base of the footpath and interior lighting illuminates the space at night. The 23 hectare park and bridge, which were built partially on top of a buried highway, were both inaugurated in April and are quickly becoming afavorited urban destination and prominent new landmark.

Images @DPA / adagp and Wikimedia