In the remoteArgentinePampas you can find an incredible forest formed in the shape of a guitar. More than 35 years ago, Pedro Ureta unexpectedly lost his wife to a brain aneurysm. Devastated by the loss of his love, he decided to create a shrine to her memory in their field that could only be seen above-head from an airplane. Ureta chose aguitar because it was his late wife’s most loved instrument.

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Ureta’s creation stretches two-thirds of a mile and boasts a beautiful blooming eucalyptus handle, a star-shaped center, and an outline of lush green cypress trees. The idea to build the tribute to his wife, Graciela, came years earlier when she was flying over the fields of the Pampas and saw a shape that resembled a milk pail. Graciela suggested they create a design of their own in the family’s fields.

Unfortunately, because Ureta was so busy, he and his wife never started the project, and in 1977 she unexpectedly passed; their chance to create something together was lost forever. Devastated her passing, Ureta decide to bring his late wife’s dream to fruition all on his own, and he took to dedicating his free hours toplanting and cultivating the trees into a guitar shape.

Today, anyone who flies over the Pampas can enjoy the enchanting sight. Unfortunately, Ureta himself has only seen his creation in photos – the man suffers from a fear of flying!

Via Atlas Obscura