Whether for a future flood or a remnant of one from long ago, the Ark House is a provocative residential design that is, ironically, land-locked in the middle of Montana. The design calls for two huge cathedral roofs- one protecting a substantial deck that leads to the next roof over the main house. In addition to making a bold statement, the home boasts some eco-conscious and energy-saving features that Noah himself would likely be impressed with.

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Architectural firm Axis Mundi was asked to design a home for a 100 acre site in Madison Valley, Montana that has a contemporary feel but still relates to the ancient landscape. As you enter, you are introduced to a vast covered space not unlike an open barn that leads to a staircase and then a bridge suspended over a pond, after which, the living space finally comes to view. The architect claims a near zero energy profile with a high performance envelope, a ground source heat pump and solar electric panels, presumably built into the roof system. If it ever sets sail there will be plenty of room for all with a 4,800 sq ft deck and 5400 sq ft three story interior.

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