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The “moving wall”, positioned on the north façade of the Cultural Center’s library, can create different atmospheres through the use of an automatic system. It enables the creation of different atmospheres within the building and has the the capacity to respond to different weather conditions. Thanks to its sail-like shape and its location, it changes the environment within the building. Rainwater is collected in the library gardens, while the south side of the museum design features photovoltaic and algae panels which contribute to the multiplicity of illumination effects.

The system of “moving boxes”, created through the use of recycled shipping containers, can create large, open spaces and a variety of rooms of different sizes, lighting, acoustic performances, views and temperature, where visitors can chose their preferred space. This approach enables a better control of the atmospheric conditions within each box. Combined with other sustainable technologies such as water reuse and natural lighting and wind energy harvesting, the building aims to be 100 percent self-sustainable.

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