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ARKit designs and manufactures factory-built buildings using a wall panel system they designed themselves that incorporates sustainable materials and achieves a high degree of thermal performance. The wall system provides both insulation as well as structural stability. All materials were considered in-depth using life cycle analysis software in order to minimize the project’s total environmental footprint. The exterior of each dwelling is clad in sustainably harvested western red cedar, and the interiors are lined with plantation hoop pine plywood.

Each ARKit prefab dwelling is built to maximize daylighting and ventilation while minimizing energy use through efficient appliances and systems and high-efficiency insulating walls. The highly reflective roof is designed to capture and collect rainwater for use in the house, and gray water recycling and filtration systems can be added to further maximize water usage. Solar or wind systems can easily be integrated into the home to provide renewable energy, and the ARKit can even go zero-energy or off-grid if desired.

Two different series of ARKit prefabs are available depending on the location and the requirements for the dwelling. The F Series is totally constructed and assembled in a factory, but it’s limited in size to what can be transported via truck. The S Series is built on-site using prefabricated parts and can be built into larger and multi-room dwellings. Homes in both series can be adapted to fit any climate where the home would be installed.