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The next Arkitrek camp will be held from January4 – February 4, 2012. In that one month, participants will have a chance to review a design brief for a site-specific project in Borneo that benefits the local community, conduct socio-economic surveys, sketch their designs, and then build their proposals. It is sure to be an intense month focused firmly on sustainability.

Camp architects will learn to site their buildings sensitively, incorporate passive design into their proposals, use and conserve renewable energy, manage water resources, build an effective wastewater treatment system, and ensure that their projects fits in with the local culture, climate, and environment. While some of these pictures depict super primitive structures made from driftwood and beach stones, Arkitrek is fully capable of pulling off “barefoot luxury” against the numerous physical/practical obstacles to building in the jungle. If you’ve been dying to put your green building ambitions to the test, why not sign up for one of these awesome camps? And don’t forget to send us your pics!

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Lodge images via Calvin Ng, courtesy of Borneo Nature Tours