If you have been looking for a fashionable floor rug that not only suits your décor, but has been produced from natural materials under Fairtrade work conditions, your search may well be over. Australian firm Armadillo&Codesigns stunning rugs made from pure wool, jute, cotton and hemp. This month they launched The Flower Collection– a handcrafted woven range of three circular rugs designed around a floral theme and made from soft Bangladeshi hemp.

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The Flower Collectionrugs come in three styles: the Marigold, Dandelion and Zinnia. The Marigold is no wall flower, being the stand-out piece of this earth-friendly collection — it features intricately woven flowers around an inner circular design. The Dandelion is more organic in form, evoking a relaxed calm with its continuous pattern of circles within circles. The Zinnia is the most understated piece of the collection, forming a simple circle designed to suit any décor and whichever floor it may land upon.

All of Armadillo&Co’s rug and homeware range is made by artisan weavers in the villages of Utar Pradesh, India. They also bear the KALEEN label, guaranteeing no child labour has been used in the manufacture of the rugs. Armadillo&Co also pays local artisans above-average wages and provides financial support to local schools. Beautiful all-around!

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