Compact fluorescent light bulbs are the light source of choice for budget-minded greenies everywhere, but they come with one big drawback:  a potentially dangerous mercury-filled center. If you accidentally drop a bulb, beware; you could be exposed to the toxic stuff. But now, finally, a company has come up with a CFL option sans the risks of mercury — the ArmorLite bulb.

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Clear-Lite Holding’s CFL bulb isn’t mercury-free, but it does feature an outer “skin” to prevent users from releasing mercury if the glass breaks. In a lab test performed by Cambridge Materials Testing, ArmorLite bulbs dropped from a height of five feet and crushed on a counter didn’t let loose any mercury–a good sign for accident-prone bulb users.

Clear-Lite’s ArmorLite bulb may not be necessary for long. Researchers at Brown University’s Institute for Molecular and Nanoscale Innovation are working on a mercury-absorbent material that can easily clean up CFL spills. But in the meantime, the ArmorLite is already available from for $7.99.

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Via Green Inc.