The Earth’s first ever global climate art project is underway, and it’s larger than life. has launched a worldwide exhibit called 350 Earth, where the ground is the walls on which the art will hang and the sky is the gallery from which it can be viewed. Sixteen giant art pieces have been laid on the Earth’s surface in twelve different countries and their message is one of climate change awareness. Meant to draw importance to this issue just before the world’s nations gather in Cancun, Mexico for United Nations climate meetings these pieces of art are definitely drawing the attention of planes, satellites and maybe even extraterrestrials since they’re big enough to be seen from space.

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Though we’re not sure what these giant pieces of art are made from — we’re hoping recycled material or at least reusable material — we are sure that they are quite the attention garnering stunt. The event was organized by climate change activist Bill McKibben’s website which is pushing world leaders to reach an agreement on targets for stabilization and reduction of carbon dioxide in the world’s atmosphere.

Our politicians have all the facts, figures, and graphs they need to solve the climate crisis. What they lack is the will,” says about the planet’s leaders.” 350 EARTH will demonstrate the massive public support for bold climate action and the role that art can play in inspiring humanity to take on our greatest challenge: protecting the planet on which we live.” We’ll cross our fingers that this “show of support” for mother nature is going to help push the United Nations talks in the right direction and for now we’ll just admire the beauty of an art project so large it just might be pointing aliens in our direction.

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Via The New York Times