Green speed demons may soon rejoice – in Europe, at least. Joining the ranks of the Tesla Roadster, Germany’s Artega SE is a new electric sports car which debuted at the recent Geneva Motor Show. The Artega SE (Sports Electric), modeled after its GT counterpart, can rev up to 155 miles per hour, or 375 horsepower, thanks to its twin electric motors and is poised to give the Tesla a run for its money.

The car has a 37kW lithium polymer battery that lets the driver coast at 124 miles per hour, and can be charged to full capacity in an hour and a half at a commercial charging station. A full charge yields around 186 driving miles. And while it’s electric, the SE actually gives the GT a run for its output, accelerating even faster due to the extra horsepower. It also handles the same as they both are built with similar weight distribution.

If you’ve got your heart set on one of these lean green machines, one of the anticipated 500 cars that will be produced in 2011 can be yours for a cool $208,500 – plus import fees.


Via Engadget