Snow is a distant dream in a place like Dubai, where the wintertime temperature doesn’t typically drop below 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Real estate developer the Kleindienst Group wants to make it snow and rain on Dubai’s man-made The World Islands archipelago, effectively creating an outdoor climate-controlled environment. They’ve already begun bringing this dream to life with a test snowman, built from snow made from special machines.

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CEO Josef Kleindienst is planning to install these snow machines on streets in The Heart of Europe (THOE) project; a tourist haven comprised of replicas of various European locales. Among those forecasted for man-made snow are the “islands” of Austria, Monaco, Germany, Switzerland, Saint Petersburg, and the newly-unveiled Sweden. In addition to creating snow, Kleindienst’s team will also install cooling pipes underground, so that the falling snow won’t melt as soon as it lands on the streets. The fallen flakes will be collected by some type of mechanism under the surface and then recycled into new snow, so as not to waste water.

Dubai is already home to an indoor ski resort and an ice lounge, but this is the first project that will attempt to create a wintery feel in the great outdoors. Upon hearing the idea, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that Kleindienst must be off his rocker, but his logic is difficult to argue. He likens this concept to heating a pool outdoors in wintertime, which is a fairly common occurrence.

Despite this, critics aren’t sure whether this fanciful approach is the right move for the tourist destination. Project leaders claim that their artificial winter won’t use more energy than a shopping mall, but others say it will take much more than that to power the type of system that Kleindienst has envisioned.

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Images via 7 Days in Dubai and Shutterstock.