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Tony Plant has been using the beach as his canvas for over twenty years. The surfer, environmental artist, and photographer creates these large scale sand etchings simply for the delight of  beach bums and passersby. Many of his piece are located in peak surfing areas, giving surfers an added bonus to the beauty of catching the perfect wave.

Plant works at low tide, when the sand is wet, which is optimal for raking patterns that will stay put until he is complete with the pattern. Using only a common yard rake, he maps out swirls and curls, in forms that look flawless from elevated vantage points. His foot prints are too subtle to be seen from a distance, so the patterns look as if they were mysteriously placed there by some unknown instrument. He then captures the land art installations on film, surrounded by the natural beauty of the land and sea.

Yet once nature takes it course, the ephemeral pieces wash away. As the tide rolls in, or storms pass through, the beach canvas is wiped clean- and ready for Plant to revisit with another design.

+ Tony Plant

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