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Trained as a sculptor’s assistant, the New York-based artist uses his skills to craft sand sculptures that straddle the line between architecture and art. Seibert begins each artwork by sculpting the tricky medium freehand and using his hands to mold the sand into basic shapes. Simple plastic putty knives are then used to create the sandcastles’ sharp and smooth lines. Depending on the nature of the tide and the destruction wrought on his craft by children or seagulls, each of his sand sculptures can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days to complete.

Seibert’s blocky, hard-edged sandcastles show a strong Brutalist architecture influence. His impressive geometric sand sculptures also explore other architectural styles, particularly in his more elaborate sculptures that resemble futuristic cityscapes. Due to the ephemeral nature of his work, Seibert photographs his work and uploads the images onto his Flickr account before nature washes them away.

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Images via Calvin Seibert Flickr