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Food photographers have the challenging job of making staged food appear enticing and delicious. Boffoli extends that challenge, magically turning each morsel into landscapes with which his miniature characters interact. Using a macro lens, the artist effectively tackles the arduous task of rendering the proportions of the bite-sized bits into elements of a larger than life landscape.

By doing so, the breakfast table becomes an adventure. Characters jump over the canyons of a toaster, after crossing peaked bready hills. Animal crackers burst out of their caravans, while soccer players kick around a white peppercorn next to a field of multi-colored granules. Like a scene from Gulliver, four uniformed men attempt to control a lobster-sea monster on the smooth plank of a cutting board, the delicacy becoming a prehistoric beast instead of a fancy dinner.

With his fine-tuned skill of juxtaposition, Boffoli’s imagery aren’t just fun food photos; the images also draw attention to the notion of bounty. His images call to mind the excess of food in America: some have enough food to (literally) play with, while others don’t have enough to satiate their families.

Boffoli’s images are incredible to behold online, but even more striking in person. Lucky fans in New York can see them in person at Winston Wachter Fine Artuntil August 24th, in London at Liberty In Regent Streetthroughout the summer, or this fall at Art Platform Los Angeles, Toronto International Art Fair and a group show in Seattle.

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