LEGOS aren’t just for kids anymore. Industrial designer Lene Ronsholt Wille has constructed an immense and elegantly curved spiral out of the children’s building block toys in Amsterdam. Called “Metaphorical Horizons,” the smooth white structure coils around the lobby of the city’s World Trade Center. Made of 270,000 white LEGOS, the installation can function as a bench, a desk or as a sectioned off space within the open lobby. Constructed over a six week period, Wille created the structure to represent the feeling of infinitely moving, while also constantly being aware of the horizon in the distance.

LEGOS, Lena Ronsholt Wille, Metaphorical Horizons, Amsterdam's World Trade Center, Minimalism

Viewed from above, the shape of  “Metaphorical Horizons” appears as two overlapping circles. But at eye level, it resembles two straight lines, gradually increasing in height as the circle slopes around. Since the circle form is simple and minimalist, Wille chose LEGOS as a material to lighten up the mood of the installation. The Minimalist Art Movement can be thought of as solemn and serious, so by using LEGOS, Wille pokes a little fun, and highlights the imaginary aspect of the installation.

+ Lene Rønsholt Wille

Via Cargo Collective