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Raul Lemesoff, Weapons of Mas Instruction tank, roaming library, library tank, peace mission, argentine artist, ford focus remodel, automotive art, library on wheels, 7up campaign, bicycle library, free book campaign, The artist is currently working in collaboration with 7Up’s “feels good to be you” campaign, which features extraordinary people doing inspirational things around the world. In Lemesoff’s case, the ambitious artist worked for years transforming the tank library out of a 1979 Ford Falcon, installing an authentic rotating turret, pseudo gun barrel and interior and exterior book shelves. Using the military-style approach, the artist hopes to bring a message of peace as he traveles around Argentina’s urban and rural areas, offering one of the 900 books that fit into the tank’s shelves.

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As the peace-loving artist drives his roaming library around the country, handing out poetry, novels and biographies, Lemesoff has but only one demand of his fellow readers – that they promise to read what he gives them.  “My missions are very dangerous,” the artist explains in a video about his project. “I attack people in a very nice and fun way.“

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